Visual Story


Rapid Production

Given only 48 hours to go from idea to final product we decided to create a video which addresses domestic violence and suicide prevention. We spent the first 24 hours in pre production generating ideas, storyboarding, scouting shooting locations, and sourcing equipment. A smart decision we made in pre production was to keep our shooting locations limited to 2 rooms in order to save time. During filming on our second day we faced our biggest challenge when our lighting kit broke unexpectedly. we were able to adapt to only having the room light available to us by using the dim bedroom light contrasted by the bright hallway as a way to highlight certain moments and lead the guests eyes to important visual elements. In the end I think it made our movie stronger by adding a more dramatic tone.

360 VR



This project was the furthest away from any of our comfort zones. none of us had worked with 360 video before and there was a lot of trial and error to get things right. Our biggest challenge was finding a way to constantly direct the viewer to where the story was happening so they did not miss anything. We came up with an clever solution by having the color transition from full color to black and white the further away from the main characters you got. This solution proved to work quite well as people quickly picked up that they should follow the color.

Music Video


Final Version

After creating 2 serious films our team was more than ready to cut loose with our music video assignment. We were unsure of exactly what we wanted to do but we were sure we wanted it to be something fun and upbeat. We listened to a lot of songs during our brainstorming process but once the song was decided on things quickly fell into place for us. We came up with the story line of the boyfriend being late to meet his girlfriend and encountering all these obstacles along the way. We brainstormed a lot of ideas about how to represent all these obstacles and we settled on animation.  That quickly became our biggest challenge on this project.  In order to just have enough tome to create all the hand drawn animations that process needed to start before shooting had even started. this meant that every shot had to be storyboarded out exactly so once the filming was done we could just put in the animations and everything would match. In the end it all came together and made for a really fun project.

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