House of Horrors

the orpheum house of horrors is a commercial haunted house we put on inside the orpheum theater during the month of October. The haunted house literally takes over the entire theater as it leads guests through a maze on the stage, down through the pit under the stage, through multiple backstage spaces, green rooms, and the balcony.

During my time as technical director for the theater I had the opportunity to be a lead designer on the creative team for the haunted house. this aloud me help shape the overall theme for each years haunted house along with designing and fabricating certain scenes. I was also able to design an fabricate pneumatic animatronics for the attraction in addition to bringing in new types of technology to us competitive with other area attractions.

Trash Can Trauma Animatronic
Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 10.54.07 AM
Coffin Riser Animatronic
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