Building Virtual Worlds

Round 2


For round 2 of Building Virtual Worlds our team created a fast paced action packed game for the Oculus Rift paired with Leap Motion. The game puts guests in a runaway mine car where they must tray and choose the best path out of the mine while trying to collect coins and dodge dangerous items like dynamite.

Round 3


Spong, short for space pong is an interactive game our team created in 1 week during whats know as lightning round. Pulling inspiration from the classic game Pong we designed a projection mapped center play area with step on controllers on each side. As guests step on each physical block it triggers a Digital block in the projected area in front of them that the ball can bounce off of. To connect the physical controls with the digital game we used the Makey Makey, which worked out very well because it is extremely easy to set up and only having a week we had no time for complicated interfaces. The biggest challenge we faced was with only 1 week we had no time to order hardware such as switches and such so we adapted made our own contact switches out of flat stock aluminum and rubber spacers that were robust enough for people to walk on. For this project I was responsible for designing and fabricating the step on game controllers.

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Round 4


For round 4 our team created a cooperative multiplayer game which requires guests to work together to pilot Captain Nemo’s submarine the Nautilus to the lost city of Atlantis. The physical user interfaces we made included a working ships wheel, two control panels with 6 toggle and push button switches, and 2 sets of large valves that must be closed and opened cooperatively. The biggest challenge on this project was how difficult it was to iterate on the design of the physical controls after a play test because there was no getting around the time it took to remake the physical controls. In the end I think if we had one more week to iterate them they would have been just right.

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