Midnight Manor

Midnight Manor is a “home-haunt” that I have been putting on ever since I was a child. Growing up my parents always took my sister and I to haunted houses as a form of entertainment. My favorites were always the ones that had a high level of detail and really immersed you in whatever setting they were trying to portray. looking back this was one of my earliest exposures to themed entertainment.

In the beginning Midnight Manor was just a few decorations from the halloween store that we put out out on Halloween. But that quickly became more and more and more decorations. By middle school it had grown so big that I had to start decorating every day after school starting on October 1st. It became so popular that the local police had to provide traffic control on our street because so many people would come.

By putting on midnight Manor for so many years I have had the opportunity to experiment, learn, and refine skills in so many different areas including carpentry, Set design, prop making, lighting, electronics, animatronics, and experience design just to name a few.

Over the years midnight manor has followed me to wherever I have lived and grown or shrunk to fit whatever venue that may be. But where ever life takes me I hope I am able to put on this production for the community I live in because the greatest joy I get out of doing it is seeing how much fun people have when they visit.

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